Xbox: Microsoft gave Snoop Dogg a Series X shaped refrigerator

Xbox: Microsoft gave Snoop Dogg a Series X shaped refrigerator
The Internet has long been an integral part of our daily life. The web has its own language, made up of memes, gifs and, in general, a certain irony (and unfortunately, also a certain negativity). Any news that makes the rounds of the internet becomes in some form subject to parodies and jokes of the average user and so it was also for the new consoles. PlayStation 5, for example, has been likened to a futuristic skyscraper, while Xbox Series X has quickly become a refrigerator. Microsoft, however, has been able to go hand in hand with the jokes of the web, thus obtaining the consent of the fans. Now, the Redmond company seems to have taken a step further in that direction: Microsoft has in fact given Snoop Doog a refrigerator in the shape of an Xbox Series X.

The video you can see below was shared by Snoop Dogg via Instagram: The footage shows the Xbox Series X-shaped refrigerator, its contents, and even Snoop Dogg himself, wearing some necklaces with the Xbox logos. The whole thing was quickly deleted, probably because it wasn't time to show it yet. The web, however, is always ready and the video has been saved and shared via Twitter.

- Xbox (@Xbox) October 24, 2020

Microsoft itself, as you can see, reacted again with great irony to this “leak”. It is not clear what is going on: there is probably some partnership going on between the Redmond company and Snoop Dogg, similar to what is happening between PS5 and Travis Scott.

Snoop Dogg recently celebrated his 49th birthday and this could explain the presence of the back in the refrigerator in the shape of the Xbox Series X, but obviously not the whole cannot be limited to this detail.

We will certainly find out more soon. We remind you that Xbox Series X will be available in Italy, as well as in the rest of the world, in less than three weeks, precisely on November 10, 2020. The next-gen is upon us!

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