Windows 10 also bids farewell to Flash

Windows 10 also bids farewell to Flash
In the rollout phase an optional update for Windows 10, labeled as KB4577586, this time, however, not dedicated to correcting bugs or improving performance (at least not in the strict sense): the goal is to permanently eliminate Flash from the operating system by preventing user to install it again.

Flash off Windows 10 with update KB4577586

It should be noted that the update does not remove Flash from Edge (that will happen within the next few months) or from other browsers installed on the PC. Support for the component in W10 will then be definitively terminated at the end of this year with the Redmond group which has already declared its intention not to release further updates for Internet Explorer 11 or the Legacy edition (the one not based on Chromium) of successor.

We are releasing this “removal update” before support ends to help customers test and validate their environment, thus highlighting possible consequences of removing Adobe Flash Player.

The maneuvers for the dismissal of Flash are therefore proceeding quickly, albeit belatedly. Once an omnipresent element on the Web and beyond, over the years it has shown all its limits also and above all on the security front, so much so that even Adobe has chosen to retire it.

Source: BleepingComputer
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