Wasteland 3, how to best enjoy Supreme Jerk mode

Wasteland 3, how to best enjoy Supreme Jerk mode

Wasteland 3 supreme jerk build

Day plus day less, a month has passed since the debut of Wasteland 3 and despite the important releases that took place in September, capitalizing on the hours of play available to us, we are always here to play it. Not with the same pre-review assiduity, especially because we have lived and stripped the story as a whole, but enough to face its most difficult obstacle: the Supreme Jerk mode has been designed specifically for anyone who does not allow himself to be inhospitable enough. Colorado and wants to make it even more raw, punitive and violent than it already is. The main difference with the rest of the difficulties is the increased damage that the enemies inflict and, if you have played the campaign at least once, you will understand for yourself what it means in terms of management of the battlefield and above all of the characters. Although this leads directly to thinking about setting up a team focused around combat, it is also important to think about the amount of skill tests we will face and how essential they are to avoid unwanted clashes: so the idea is yes to have characters who, when 'is to lead the hands, become a whirlwind of slaps but also intellectually and temperamentally capable as soon as the situation requires it - often, trust me.

The main premise before going into detail is that these suggestions are not absolutes. There is no perfect guide and we too, before arriving at one, have spit blood, we have confronted ourselves with the solutions proposed by other players, we have gone our way repenting more times than we would have liked and whoever has more, put. That said, however, we have at least two fixed points: without prejudice to the ability to manage situations in the most civilized way possible, all your characters must aim to maximize their damage because even the most tank of the team will die in no time at all. . Bosses, snipers or melee attacks inflicted in a state of frenzy will kill anyone even without the need for critical hits. Secondly, do you know how cool the assault rifles were in Wasteland 2? Well, in the third chapter you can safely dismantle them and forget about them: they are without doubt the weakest weapon in the whole game in terms of damage, skills, perk ... everything.

What are the best skills?

Given the sheer amount of options available when creating a character in Wasteland 3, things can get pretty stuffy. Especially when it comes to the Skills, the Perks connected to them and how they interact with each other. Fortunately, beyond two characters that must necessarily be chosen among the NPCs available, the other four who will make up the team can be developed at our discretion. It is enough to have played any role-playing game to know that the Skills determine what our character is more inclined to do, from picking locks to deactivating traps to the ability to solve the thorniest situations using only the gab. While all those available, for good or bad, come into the game at some point through various skill tests, some are far better than others and must be prioritized. Below we list them by grouping them in ranks, in order to be as clear as possible and let you decide the best build for your style.


Sniper Rifles: needless to stress that if you want to keep to keep your allies safe, there's no better solution than heavy, focused, effective cover fire from a distance. In combination with the right probability of critical hit and the damage modifiers, that is the perk Mark Target and the Precision Strike typical of some weapons including the sniper rifle, it is possible to inflict a much higher amount of damage than those indicated by the weapon .

Small Arms: Inconspicuous short-range weapons such as pistols and shotguns excel at delivering fast and relatively accurate firepower. Both are weapons to be relied upon, the major difference being the fill rate of their skill gauge. But also the Devastation perk, with 25% more damage, has its own reason.

Explosives: expensive option but having an explosives expert on your team is a must, considering that rocket launchers are among the more devastating weapons to proceed in Supreme Jerk mode. Really, losing when you have such firepower is next to impossible, especially if you combine them with Small Arms to get the Draw perk. Secondly, there are tons of skill tests that will save you time and sweat if you pass. Last but not least, the last two perks of this skill will help transform your trusty rocket launchers into weapons capable of sweeping the battlefield from any presence.


Big Guns: The concept of Big Guns in Wasteland 3 is rather curious, as it puts light machine guns (LMGs) and flamethrowers under the same label but who are we to interfere with the post apocalyptic classification of weapons ? Overall, it offers a lot of flexibility despite its poor initial accuracy, so we suggest unlocking the Steady Shot perk, and not particularly noteworthy benefits. But hey, they deal considerable damage.

Automatic Weapons: Despite a low penetration level and high ammo consumption, SMGs are very useful all-round weapons especially from the middle of the game onwards . The associated perks themselves are great for dealing even more damage while managing AP costs in your favor - Gopher Hunter, Reckless, Stormer, and Trigger Happy are recommended. As we wrote above, forget the existence of assault rifles instead.

Lockpicking / Nerd Stuff: hands down the best skills to invest in in terms of exploration. Lots of skill tests, more than decent rewards, what more could you want? You can even hack some enemies.

First Aid: You can be as cautious as you like, some of your own will fall in battle anyway. Therefore it is useful to make a small sacrifice and bring the skill to level three or four with all the characters: the cost is not high and will pay off in the long run. Firepower is useless if yours are knocked out.

Leadership: Arguably the best passive ability in Wasteland 3, it makes the rest of the team more precise and grants huge buffs every time the leader does something impressive. Rally is an indispensable perk to guarantee additional APs to companions, while Demoralize puts a stop to enemies.

Mechanics: also in this case it is recommended for the large number of skill tests you will encounter, however they cannot be ignored the ability to inflict additional damage on all robotic enemies and the incredible nuisance that turrets can create to deploy on the field - Torbjörn would be proud.


Melee Weapons / Brawling: Although in Supreme Jerk mode enemies make you a sieve in no time, characters experienced in close range combat are not to be thrown away thanks to their perks and system of combo with which to build dedicated and effective builds. Nonetheless, it is a choice that involves a heavy investment, as much skill points and attributes as in equipment and consumable items. If you are not sure whether you can keep up, or you don't want to, avoid even considering this skill.

Weird Science: modest at first, if pushed to the maximum this skill is perfect for countering damage continued over time, effects that cancel armor and debuffs in general. Highly recommended for your eventual melee character or one who totally relies on energy damage.


Armor / Weapon Modding: Equipment modifications are quite important but not to the point of being essential. They offer that extra touch of security, if you really don't know where to invest more points.

Barter: why settle for a modest sum, when you can bargain? Penny Pincher and Antiques Appraiser are reliable perks.

Kiss / Hard Ass: in the game you will not encounter many skill tests of this type, if you compare for example to Lockpicking and Nerd Stuff, but have someone who can play words can be used to avoid unwanted clashes.

Sneaky Shit: one of the most interesting redesigns of Wasteland 3 in terms of skills, it is very useful for deactivating the alarms and above all guarantees huge bonuses to surprise attacks. It's a great bonus for snipers, but let's talk about a luxury choice, tempting but not essential.


Animal Whisperer: it's quite a swinging skill, which could stand in a higher position depending on your style. On the one hand, animal companions are reasonably effective in combat, thanks also to rather high bonuses compared to the amount of Attribute points you would have to spend to achieve a similar effect. It is no coincidence that they are used with a view to inflicting as much damage as possible. On the other hand, it is annoying that animals have their own dedicated turn rather than acting after the Rangers have finished theirs. No more than one character should have this ability, while for perks go for Animal Training if you are looking for a tank that does a lot of damage, or Spirit Animal if you aim for a specific bonus for a build.


Survival: Random encounters on the world map may be boring in the long run and this is where this skill comes into play. Nothing that, to be honest, you can dump it on one of the two NPCs without having any major problems.

Toaster Repair: the meme skill par excellence makes its big comeback, now with a hilarious perk that increases the fire damage. Develop it just for the sake of it or if you want to optimize the damage of your flamethrower.

To close, although at first glance the character sheet of Wasteland 3 can be intimidating for the amount of options available, the creation system of the character is quite indulgent as long as you have a coherent overall pattern and don't move me completely at random. Once you understand the basic mechanics, the Supreme Jerk mode will prove to be more practical than expected while not missing moments of meticulous management of your team. Furthermore, the ability to experiment with different builds without losing progress is a fundamental step towards finding the best balance. There is nothing a Ranger can't do.

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