TP-Link Deco M4: on offer one of the best kits for mesh nets

TP-Link Deco M4: on offer one of the best kits for mesh nets
Today we report a massive price drop on one of the best mesh mesh kits out there. The kit includes 3 access points, two of which are satellites, and a primary one with router functions. We are talking about Tp-Link's Deco M4 kit capable of offering a coverage of 370 m 2, eliminating dead zones and offering a stable and fast wireless connection anywhere in the house.

Mesh networks: Tp-Link Deco M4 discounted by over 40 euros on Amazon

As stated, the kit includes three access points. Configuration is extremely simple: simply connect the power supply to the primary access point, and an ethernet cable that connects the latter to one of the modem's LAN ports. Once this is done we will be ready to start configuring our mesh network. The kit has an AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi connection capable of reaching 1167 Mbps.

Adding the other two satellites will be even easier, just connect them to the power supply and wait for the upper LED to turn blue Flashing. Through the app for Android and iOS smartphones, we can then proceed with the configuration in a few simple steps. Once the configuration is complete, the network will be ready for use, while the primary Deco will provide an additional LAN port for connecting a device via cable. With this configuration we will be able, as mentioned at the beginning, to cover an area of ​​370 m 2 and connect up to 100 devices simultaneously. However, if this is still not enough, just add more Deco units, with the same procedure performed previously, and further extend the coverage of the wireless network.

Finally, there is the Parental Control that allows you to manage schedules and accesses for the little ones, and above all the support for the Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to any device that supports the Amazon assistant (such as the Amazon Echo) we will be able to manage the mesh network directly by voice, as well as perform specific operations such as a speed test. Amazon today offers the Tp-Link Deco M4 mesh kit for only 129 € with over 40 euros discount.

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