TIM Digital Risorgimento Operation: free training webinars continue

TIM Digital Risorgimento Operation: free training webinars continue
Operation Risorgimento Digitale is an initiative launched by TIM in collaboration with Consumer Associations which aims to raise awareness of how digital tools can concretely improve daily activities. Starting from November, new free webinars will start with Adiconsum, Adoc, Altroconsumo, Cittadinanzattiva, Codacons, Federconsumatori and U.Di.Con. to learn the potential and promote the informed and safe use of the internet.

The free courses that are part of Operazione Risorgimento Digitale are promoted by TIM and more than 30 partners in the public sector. The aim is to educate citizens and consumers in the safer use of the web, allowing education-based risk prevention.

"Consumers will have the opportunity to seize the opportunities of digital through different fields learning and also to develop the skills necessary to extricate themselves in the digital market, avoid IT pitfalls and prevent risky situations, starting with the search for reliable information on the web ".

Mainly the online courses will focus on the explanation of how the new services of the Public Administration work. Participants will learn how to exploit these services in digital format for health, social security or social security practices.

A focus will be given above all to the various services made available by the Agency for Digital Italy, by SPID and PagoPA. We will also try to give attention to the role of the family with webinars aimed at parents who aim at promoting the informed use of the internet and various devices by their children.

To conclude, but not least, TIM will give us remember that we will talk about one of the biggest pitfalls of the internet: fake news.

"This is a commitment carried out in synergy with primary partners of excellence, between public and private realities, trade associations, third sector and important players in the field of social innovation, and whose aims are now shared and promoted by numerous Consumer Associations in a historic moment of great transformation in which greater updating capacity is required through all communication channels "declared the telecommunications company.

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