The Suicide Squad - first official image to all Task Force X

The Suicide Squad - first official image to all Task Force X
Late yesterday afternoon, Empire premiered the cover of the magazine's December issue offering a very first official look at the entire cast, and then the characters with their respective official costumes, of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. This is actually the first official image of the film excluding what was shown during the DC FanDome last August.

The Suicide Squad, Task Force X in full force

It is a cast nourished that assembled by James Gunn for The Suicide Squad with a Task Force X, the official name of the Suicide Squad, particularly full of very colorful characters.

Here are the covers of Empire:

The release of The Suicide Squad is scheduled for August 6, 2021, in Italy it will be released with the title The Suicide Squad - Missione Suicida.

This is the full cast of the film:

Jai Courtney will be Captain Boomerang Joel Kinnaman will be Rick Flag Jr. Viola Davis will be Amanda Waller Margot Robbie will be Harley Quinn David Dastmalchian will be Polka-Dot Man Steve Agee will be King Shark Daniela Melchior will be Ratcatcher Michael Rooker will be Savant Flula Borg will be Javelin Idris Elba will be Bloodsport Mayalin NG will be Mongal Peter Capaldi will be The Thinker Pete Davidson will be Black Guard Nathan Fillion will be TOK Sean Gunn will be Weasel John Cena will be Peacemaker

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The Suicide Squad - the words of James Gunn

Speaking of the film, James Gunn confirmed that The Suicide Squad is inspired to the war films of the 70s, it will have a raw tone but seasoned by the brilliance of the characters and the comic spirit of its films. The director also confirmed that the first source of inspiration for the film is Quella Dirty Dozzina, a cult of the 1976 war cinema directed by Robert Aldrich.

Speaking instead of the characters, the director explained that he considered the possibility of using many of the most famous villains and heroes of the DC Universe but then preferred to remain faithful to the setting of the comic as thought by John Ostrander in the 80s and use lesser known names. The director also says that there is a certain tragic element in those villains who can't even be bad.

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The Suicide Squad - the spin-off TV series

The Suicide Squad has yet to arrive in theaters but Warner Bros. and HBO Max seem to have a lot of faith in the work of James Gunn enough to give the green light to creation of a spin-off TV series centered on the character of Peacemaker played by John Cena.

The 8-episode series will see John Cena return to the role of the character while James Gunn, director of the film, will write everyone the episodes of the series also returning behind the camera for the premiere and for at least a couple more episodes.

Peacemaker is described as an action-adventure comedy that will explore the origins of the character. Work on the series is scheduled to begin in early 2021.

As always over the top, James Gunn's comment on the announcement of the series, who, speaking on twitter, said that the series will be shot between the end of The Suicide Squad and the start of those for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Normally it would be a rest period but, due to the Coronavirus that is forcing him home, he has decided to write the TV series !

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