Tesla Model 3 Full Self-Driving, two videos show its capabilities

Tesla Model 3 Full Self-Driving, two videos show its capabilities
From Santa Clarita to Pasadina and back, this is the journey that James Locke - beta tester of Tesla's FSD (Full Self-Driving) system, Tesla's autonomous driving system - decided to show us after the 2020.40 system update. 8.10.

Made a couple of days ago, the two videos of 39 and 35 minutes, show us a typical route of a Californian commuter, with a lot of motorway but also a good part of city traffic, with traffic lights and turns .

Tesla Model 3 The videos show how FSD is surprisingly capable of handling traffic situations that include traffic lights, stop signs, lane changes and turns, but to date the technology is still in Beta and does not provide a complete autonomous driving. In fact, in a couple of cases the driver had to intervene by taking control of the vehicle, due to system malfunctions: too slow interventions, missed turns, and excessive speed approaching bumps, these are the main difficulties encountered by the FSD during the journey.

All in all this is a very positive test, especially for a system which is still in full development, and which moreover does not need all the additional hardware we have seen in other autonomous driving cases, like LIDAR.

Without a doubt the refining process of this software will be long and laborious, it will take a long time before all the problems are identified and solved effectively to the point of allowing the introduction on the market in safety. This is a problem that has now been gutted in all its facets, but which has not yet found a definitive solution that everyone can agree on, but undoubtedly the future of the automotive market will be strongly influenced by this type of software.

Below are the videos made by James Locke, if you want to enjoy Tesla's Full Self-Driving autonomous driving on a Model 3.

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