Superman - the essential comics

Superman - the essential comics
Superman the essential comics to know and have at home! Which comic or volume to buy to start reading? Where do I find the origins? What are the essential stories? These are just some of the questions a reader asks when entering a new narrative universe and which, especially as regards the entry into the world of superhero comics, often represent a very difficult obstacle to overcome due to the strong narrative and layering. from the continuous alterations and relaunches of the series and characters.

We are inaugurating this new space designed to lead you in the most direct and easy way possible within the DC Universe and its many ramifications by discovering its iconic and legendary characters offering you an overview, reasoned as much as possible with precise chronological references, of the readings to add to your library.

It could not help but start from the first, the largest and the most imitated. From the one who started it all: Superman!

Superman: essential comics and recommended reading

The origins The Run The event The single album The gem of the past The gem of the present The elseworld The volume for the neophyte The end The villain

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