Super Nintendo World: here is the new opening date!

Super Nintendo World: here is the new opening date!
Nintendo has announced that the first area of ​​its theme park in Osaka's Universal Studios Japan will be open to the public next spring, later than the schedule. Super Nintendo World was originally slated to open before this year's Summer Olympics in Tokyo, but the date has been postponed along with the Olympic Games themselves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Good news is coming, however, because next week Nintendo will also open a bar and a themed shop in the Hollywood area of Universal Studio Japan and to celebrate the event some photos of the interior and exterior of the structures were shared:

Not only that, Nintendo also shared some of the delicacies that you can find in the bar menu, including Mario and Luigi themed sandwiches and pancakes, a Super Mushroom drink in a tropical bottle and fruit drinks with mustache:

Finally there was space also for the publication of some of the products for sale in the store, including a T-sh irt, a fanny pack and a pillow:

The café and shop will be open from October 16th.

Super Nintendo World is the latest and greatest attempt of Nintendo to license its intellectual property in addition to video games. The park will use Smart bracelets that will pair with a mobile app and allow visitors to take part in a coin collecting metagame, but there will also be traditional attractions, including the highly anticipated Mario Kart ride. Universal Studios and Nintendo have plans to open similar areas in the future, including in theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore.

During this time you may have fun trying out the Nintendo-themed LEGO building features. For the occasion, we recommend the final battle between Super Mario and Bowser that you find for sale on Amazon.

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