PS5: OFFICIAL, here's the user interface on video

PS5: OFFICIAL, here's the user interface on video
Just yesterday a curious Burger King teaser appeared on the web making him literally crazy. After the short video we were shown a date, October 15th and a particular sound that seemed to refer to PS5. Well just in these minutes on the official PlayStation blog the user interface appeared in a full-bodied video. It is in effect a completely different interface from that of PS4, focused more on the player to offer a truly "new generation" experience, a deeper immersion that will quickly connect us to the great games that the Japanese company will offer us over time.

Right below you can enjoy the full-bodied video about it, the interface is actually faster and more beautiful to look at. Below we will have all the various settings, from our profile icon to the classic console shutdown icon. A really interesting feature is the ability to see and read news in real time through an icon displayed in plain sight. The system can also notify you which in-game activities you have not yet completed and possibly can provide you with a detailed guide for images or videos without necessarily having to search for anything. No more chatter and enjoy the video below.

It has to be said that unlike the Xbox Series X, apparently the quick resume is absent here, which could make fans turn up their noses. For the rest, the interface seems much more intuitive but above all faster than the previous console, in summary we can't wait to test it with our hands.

The premonitions that many had made after the Burger King teaser turned out to be correct then. Now that Sony has also unveiled the new PS5 user interface, what is missing is to experience first-hand all the new features that the next-generation console from Sony will have to offer us. We remind you that PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19th. What do you think of the new PS5 UI? What is the feature that impressed you the most? Tell us yours with a comment.

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