PS5: The multiple quick resume leaks from the interface, but it may be limited

PS5: The multiple quick resume leaks from the interface, but it may be limited
PS5 has finally unveiled its interface with an official video from Sony from which a detail also seems to emerge that suggests the multiple quick resume present on the console, although with the possibility that it may be more limited than that seen on Xbox Series X .

PS5 therefore continues its path towards launch revealing itself piece by piece and this week it was the user interface, through an official explanatory video from Sony on the new User Experience linked to the upcoming next gen console , but there are still some aspects of the system that remain mysterious and likely to be revealed in the coming days, including the Quick Resume.

The functionality in question has already been fully explored on Xbox Series X, too if above all on backward compatible games, where it has shown the great practicality it brings to the user experience. In practice, it allows you to abandon a game leaving it substantially "frozen" the moment we leave, in order to then resume it exactly from that point at a later time. The fact that this can be done on multiple games at the same time (on Xbox Series X the tests reached 12 games suspended at the same time) is even more useful.

From the video on the PS5 interface a detail emerges that makes think about the presence of the Quick Resume on multiple games even on the Sony console: at about 11:15, opening the main menu referring to shutdown, you notice that the first option is "Enter Rest Mode" or the activation of rest mode, in the whose description we read "Load controllers, download updates and suspend your games, do not unplug the power cord while the console is in Rest Mode".

The description is rather vague but the fact that we talk about "suspend your games" in the plural suggests that, even in this case, it may be the possibility of keeping several games in memory at the same time. However, it would seem that this feature is specifically linked to Rest mode and that data in memory can be lost if the power is disconnected, contrary to what happens with the Xbox Series X which keeps games in memory even when disconnected from the power supply.

As also pointed out by our shrewd Pierpaolo Greco, this difference could be due to the fact that PS5 keeps games suspended within the RAM memory, unlike Xbox Series X which instead keeps them directly in the SSD, therefore disconnecting the current data is lost on PS5 but not on Microsoft console. Such a decision could also be due to the desire not to occupy additional space on the SSD, considering that the small size of the PS5 seems to leave only just over 600 GB of space available to users.

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