Newspapers on Telegram: Operation Breaking News

Newspapers on Telegram: Operation Breaking News
It distributed paid versions of various online newspapers for free and illegally through specially created Telegram channels. A 46-year-old from the province of Turin has been identified and reported: he will now have to answer for the charges of receiving stolen goods and violation of copyright. This is the outcome of the operation called Breaking News.

Breaking News: pirated newspapers on Telegram, a complaint

Conducted by the Postal Police of Catania with the coordination of the District Prosecutor of Messina, l he investigative activity began following a complaint filed by the editor-in-chief of La Gazzetta del Sud, a Messina newspaper. For its drafting, as well as for others (unspecified), the illicit sharing of copies has caused serious economic damage.

The press release released today states that "despite the transparency problems related to the use of the platform Telegram ”, it was possible to“ trace the suspect against whom the prosecutor issued a search decree ”. The computer equipment used to commit the crime was then seized.

Another crackdown on piracy affecting the publishers' business, already severely tested by factors such as the contraction of investments in advertising and the decline in copies sold (on newsstands as well as in digital format).

The closure of 19 Telegram channels in April, the following month the Clean Newspaper operation conducted by the Guardia di Finanza. FIEG (Federation of Newspaper Publishers) and AGCOM (Authority for Communications Guarantees) also intervened on the subject, the latter agreeing to collaborate in order to combat the phenomenon harmful to intellectual property, but refusing to put stakes on the activity of application.

Source: Postal Police

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