Microsoft, could the acquisition of Bungie be a reality?

Microsoft, could the acquisition of Bungie be a reality?
Of course, we're still all shocked by Microsoft's purchase of the entire ZeniMax machine. The blow it has given to the entire gaming industry is one of those massive ones that don't often happen within our media. All this obviously makes us understand once again how much the media has been growing in recent years and how many numbers revolve around the video game. However, it seems that there is a rumor that has been around for years within the industry and that is becoming insistent once again.

Microsoft would in fact be interested in acquiring Bungie, increasing the number of its members even more. internal studies. In fact, last September the same leaker Nibel tweeted about it saying that things could be quite safe and that Bungie could return under the wing of Microsoft. The tweet and the rumor, however, was short-lived, because Parsons himself replied to the rumor by officially saying that they were all false rumors and there was no agreement in progress between the two companies.

Now, however, at a distance of almost a month it seems that the rumors have returned and that the two companies really want to resume relations. In fact, it seems that every time a company on American soil is acquired a role of Officer is established, and to see from the old documents of the acquisitions of the other firms this would be confirmed and therefore Bungie would also be about to make arrangements with someone. At this point, however, you have to figure out who with.

Will Phil be interested in Bungie again or is someone else wanting to hit the jackpot? At this point we could think of everything and even that Sony is "hunting" for new studios to strengthen the main line. Of course, everything is open and we won't know until there is official news from Microsoft or the other protagonists.

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