LG UltraWide 35 ", look at the offer (from 7.30 pm)

LG UltraWide 35 , look at the offer (from 7.30 pm)
One of the great occasions of the second and final day of Prime Day 2020 is a widescreen monitor from LG that will go online starting at 19.30. At the moment the price is unknown, but the advice for anyone looking for a monitor of this type is to put it immediately in the cart and then wait for 19.30 o'clock to evaluate the price and discounts: in all probability the available units will be sold out within short and in any case at midnight all discounts will disappear: it will be the last call and could still give this interesting surprise.

LG35WN73A, from 19.30

The monitor in question is called LG35WN73A and it is a 35-inch UltraWide curved QHD widescreen. Format 21: 9, QuadHD 3440 × 1440 definition, has an enveloping format that inevitably facilitates both professional activities and gaming. Warning: for those who have not yet tried them, WideScreen monitors are something that can truly make the difference as they increase the screen surface available and put everything “at your fingertips”, being able to place multiple windows side by side and greatly speeding up every single activity.

Monitor UltraWide LG 35WN73A

The monitor has been lowered in the recent past below 600 euros compared to a starting price of 700, so it is not to be discarded that on the occasion of Prime Day the price cannot be raised to 550 (if not lower). A 25% discount, for example, would bring the price to 525 euros and would be a real bargain.

Every detail on the offer will be available starting at 19.30. Make a note of the note and put it in the cart right now, so that at the right moment a click is enough: the time needed to make this last icing on the cake will be very little, but there is a whole day to start dreaming of a station of this kind of work.

There is also 32: 9

For those looking for a unique experience, Prime Day also offers an incredible 32: 9 produced by Samsung: more than a monitor, it is a real dashboard, 49 inches at your disposal to have everything at your fingertips at all times. Let's be clear: this is not a work tool, but more of an experiential journey into the world of gaming. Samsung Odyssey, this is the name of the display, is only available today for 679.99 euros 802.13 euros. Widescreen discounts are actually few and, apart from the 35 inch on offer from 7.30 pm, this is the only other valid opportunity.

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