InXile, the secret project has a stellar team

InXile, the secret project has a stellar team
Chad Moore has revealed the leadership of the new InXile project, formed by a truly stellar team. Moore is the game director of the game, the first developed after the acquisition of Microsoft (therefore a sure Xbox exclusive). InXile has just returned from the launch of Wasteland 3, a highly successful (at least critically) title.

The new game will be directed not only by him, but also by:

Brian Fargo, defined as an industry icon; Jason Anderson, the author of the first Fallout and one of the founders of Troika Games; Dave Williams, fresh from The Outer Worlds team (Obsidian is a very good friend of inXile and in any case it is a Microsoft studio, so no conspiracies); Dean Rymer, a former Bioware and former Santa Monica who worked on God of War; Nick Trufunovic, a former Rockstar Games; Chris Thomas, who boasts World of Warcraft and Wildstar on his resume; Thomas Beekers, fresh from Wasteland 3, former lead narrative designer of Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

As a Game Director, how do you think I feel about this leadership team? @BrianFargo: Industry Icon

Jason Anderson: Creator, Fallout @Syrstorm: Outer Worlds @deanrymer: GoW4

Nick Trufunovic: Rockstar @BuidenCodes: WoW / WildStar @thomasbeekers: WL3 #SecretProject #XboxSeriesX

- Chad Moore (@Pappylicious) October 13, 2020

What to add? We are increasingly curious to know what inXile is working on. For now we only know that it will be a triple A RPG.

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