Intel's DG2 gaming GPU fired up for the first time!

Intel's DG2 gaming GPU fired up for the first time!
The Santa Clara company today announced further developments regarding its family of discrete Xe GPUs. According to what has been declared, Intel DG1 is already on its way to OEMs while DG2 has finally left the brand's factories and reached the laboratories for the first tests.

Intel DG1, known commercially as Intel Iris Xe Max, will be the company's first discrete GPU in over two decades. The American company immediately presented the graphics chip as an ideal coupled to the Tiger Lake CPUs and as a spiritual successor to the Intel GT3e and GT4e iGPUs, therefore ideal for thin and light laptops.

According to what was declared by the brand, DG1 is in the pipeline and would already be shipping to the various OEMs for integration into their systems. The first commercial products equipped with the GPU in question are expected by Q4 2020. No further specific details about DG1 are known yet, however we hope that Intel decides to tell us more in the coming weeks before its arrival on the market.

At the same time as this announcement, Intel has confirmed for the first time officially the existence of DG2, which is the company's next discrete graphic. Although there is still a long time to go before seeing it on the market, Intel has said that the first alpha chips of DG2 have left the factories and reached the labs for the first tests. The company has announced that the GPUs have finally been powered and turned on for the first time in its labs.

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Bob Swan, CEO of Intel, has declared that it is not a true successor of DG1 but a high-performance GPU of the Xe-HPG family dedicated to enthusiasts and gamers. Despite confirmation that the board is manufactured in factories outside of Intel, the company declined to reveal its partner.

It is the company's first working chip to be manufactured entirely in external production nodes.

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