Immune: the numbers of downloads, notifications and positives

Immune: the numbers of downloads, notifications and positives
The downloads of Immuni are stopped at less than 6.7 million, more precisely 6.679.118 as we learn from the dashboard published on the official website of the project in the new Numbers section. The information is updated on Thursday 1 October on the basis of data provided by the Ministry of Health. More needs to be done as requested by the WHO, among others.

Immune at 6.7 million downloads: not enough

Notifications sent to users who have installed instead rise to 5,329 the app gives a total of 338 positives. This means that each of those participating in the contact tracing initiative, after coming into contact with the virus and contracting the disease, sent on average 15-16 notifications on the smartphones of others.

The graph below focuses attention on the trend of Immuni downloads, almost linear in the week from 25 September to 1 October. It is necessary to push on this front, first of all passing through an information and communication campaign capable of involving all the press organs. Giuseppe Conte also asked for it in one of his speeches in recent days.

With the autumn season that is now starting to make its grip felt on most of the country and the return to school which has inevitably multiplied the opportunities for contact, the tracing of contacts can play a role of fundamental importance in averting the risk of that second wave that a part of the scientific community says is at the gates.

Returning to the Immuni dashboard, it is certainly positive to be able to refer to a single source to understand the evolution of the project. We hope it is the first step towards an even deeper level of transparency, up to the possibility of consulting detailed statistics on individual regions, on the types of devices used and so on. It should be noted that the download volume specified by the Ministry does not take into account who has installed the application several times or who, following the setup, keeps it disabled (for example by turning off GPS or Bluetooth).

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