Here are the LEGO sets for Halloween 2020

Here are the LEGO sets for Halloween 2020
After having proposed what are the first Lego sets to buy for next Christmas, today we return to the topic "bricks and holidays" on the occasion of the now imminent Halloween night, with the Danish company intent, for a few weeks already, to offer its online customers some beautiful themed sets, some close to Halloween in theme, such as the well-known Hidden Side sets, others specially created for the occasion, as is the case with the new BrickHeadz dedicated to the character of Frankenstein.

Read also: LEGO Christmas set, here are the first ones available Made in collaboration with Universal, which has always held the film rights of the "classic" monsters of cinema, this delightful BrickHeadz recalls the features of the " creature ”as it was brought back to the big screen in the genre classic“ Frankenstein ”of 1931, directed by James Whale and with an iconic Boris Karloff in the role of the monster. In this sense, the figure is not only entirely colored in shades of gray (to recall the black and white of the film), but it is also particularly effective in representing the monster in its square shapes, resulting, to date, perhaps the most effective BrickHeadz in terms of mere representation of the original character.

9 cm tall, Frankenstein's BrickHeadz is made up of 108 pieces and costs just € 9.99, making it not only beautiful, but also affordable and widely collectible. The flagship novelty of the Lego market for Halloween 2020, however, is not the only proposal of the store for the night of the witches which, on the contrary, offers a wide choice of ideas, all perfect to accompany the fun of adults and children in what it will be the long-awaited "witches night"! Obviously, the offer of Lego sets for Halloween does not end here, although we suggest you buy the products that interest you most as soon as possible since, as usual, some of these sets may soon run out, forcing you to a long hunt for the recovery. That said, before leaving to your purchases, we remind you that if you are looking for discounts, lightning promotions or discount coupons, there is no better place than our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you all the best promotions related to Chinese technology, hardware, smartphones and products. Happy shopping!

The Lego Halloween sets

Lego BirckHeadz - Frankenstein | 9,99 € Lego BrickHeadz - Halloween Witch | € 9.99 Lego BrickHeadz - Halloween Ghost | 9,99 € Pumpkin and bat duo | € 9.99 Halloween picnic | € 12.99 Lego Creator - The Haunted House | 229,99 € Lego Super Mario - Mario Adventures - Starter Pack | 59.99 € Lego Super Mario - Characters Pack | 3,99 € Lego Super Mario - Final Battle at Bowser's Castle - Expansion Pack | 104,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Newbury Haunted High School | 119,99 € Lego Hidden Side - The Mysterious Castle | 104.99 € Lego Hidden Side - Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 | 59,99 € Lego Hidden Side - The Lighthouse of Darkness | 49,99 € Lego Hidden Side - The shipwrecked fishing boat | 29,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Shrimp Shack Attack | 49,99 € Lego Hidden Side - The Haunted Fairground | 49,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Mystery in the cemetery | 25,49 € (29,99 €) Lego Hidden Side - The Stunt Truck of El Fuego | € 33.99 (€ 39.99) Lego Hidden Side - Phantom 3000 Fire Truck | € 69.99 Lego Hidden Side - Newbury Abandoned Prison | 39,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Phantasmagoric Racing Car | 29,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Newbury Underground | € 29.99 Lego Hidden Side - El Fuego's stunt plane | 29,99 € Lego Hidden Side - Jack's Beach Buggy | € 19.99 Lego Hidden Side - Submarine by J.B. | € 19.99 Lego Hidden Side - Welcome to Hidden Side | € 19.99 Lego Ninjago - Dungeons of the Skull Sorcerer | € 99.99 Lego Ninjago - Skull Sorcerer Dragon | € 79.99 Lego Ninjago - Journey into the Dungeons of Skulls | € 29.99 Lego Minecraft - Creeper and Leopard Maxi-figures | € 19.99 Lego Minecraft - Big-figure Pig and Baby Zombies | € 19.99

Other Lego products

LEGO Deluxe Mummy Costume - various sizes | from € 31.99 Deluxe LEGO Batman Costume - Various Sizes | from € 31.99 Deluxe LEGO Man Costume - Various Sizes | Starting at € 30.39 LEGO Spooky Book! Ultimate Sticker Collection | € 8.99 LEGO Skeleton Head | € 24.99 LEGO Pumpkin Head | 24,99 € LEGO Skeleton Keychain | € 12.99

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