Grounded: The November Pond Update is the biggest yet, adds a pond and more

Grounded: The November Pond Update is the biggest yet, adds a pond and more
Grounded continues its evolution path in November with a new update called Pond Update and destined to be the biggest update seen so far for the particular survival of Obsidian Entertainment, focused on adding a pond but also much more.

The central element is a new accessible area characterized by the presence of a pond, called the Koi pond and containing the famous Japanese carp. Players will be able to build the appropriate equipment and then embark on underwater explorations, still finding threats, materials and many things to discover even in this new setting. underwater part involves new game mechanics and also new creatures and objects, as well as other materials and various themed innovations, with research at the laboratory expanded to include these additional contents and a real underwater laboratory. In the new area you will also find new landmarks such as an explorable pagoda and other landmarks to discover.

The Pond Update also introduces dungeons in a more extensive way: they are more complex and deeper explorable areas, which require a more careful approach because they are full of pitfalls but also rewards. They can be burrows of various insects or other, but they will still have a more developed structure.

Among the new creatures introduced there will be koi carp, which will be quite gigantic compared to the protagonists: they can be attacked to obtain rare rewards, but their power makes it really difficult to complete. In the pond you will also find some particular spiders that can swim, which produce air pockets with webs that can also be useful for players to catch breath underwater.

There are also tadpoles, water fleas and various other insects and animals of various kinds, which bring with them new game mechanics and any materials if killed, which also open the way to further crafting possibilities.

Grounded is also coming to Xbox Series X | S at 60 fps and 4K resolution on Xbox Series X, also remember that the game is now in Italian, thanks to the addition of our language with patch 0.3.


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