Fiat 500e, all the financing and rental formulas to get it

Fiat 500e, all the financing and rental formulas to get it
The long-awaited Fiat 500e has finally arrived, after much talking about the prices and the available equipment, we can finally enter into the details of the prices and methods of purchase.

The new 500 in electric version is now available in the Action version at the starting price of € 15,900, net of scrapping and incentives. If, on the other hand, you want to aim for an Icon set-up, you can spend € 21,500, always taking into account the state contributions, the scrapping, and without funding. of interesting car sharing initiatives, as well as the possibility of making long-term loans or rentals.

Let's start with the latter: a specific loan is foreseen for the Fiat 500e, called "GOeasys", very flexible and with fees starting from € 99.

Alternatively there is a rental formula with use on consumption, called Leasys Miles, starting from € 299 per month and then divided into two formulas: the Light formula with a price per km of 9 cents, or the Plus formula with a price per km of 18 cents.

Finally, car sharing, a phenomenon now consolidated in all large cities: 500e will make use of a dedicated platform and a subscription service offered through Amazon, called Leasys GO! . Through the dedicated app you will be able to find, book, open and turn on the car with your smartphone.

All these Leasys initiatives are then led back to physical points scattered throughout Italy, the Leasys Mobility Stores, where customers they will be able to collect and return the cars booked with the app, as well as recharge their electric or hybrid car for free.

By the end of the year Leasys hopes to increase the number of its stores to over 400, for a total of 1200 charging points in Italy, and a development plan that aims to expand in Europe by 2022, with 1500 stores and 3500 charging stations.

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