Ergonomic desk stool at -41%

Ergonomic desk stool at -41%
Assuming a correct posture when you spend whole days at your desk, for work, study or other, is essential to keep yourself in good health and avoid the onset of pain or in the worst case pathologies. Relying on an ergonomic stool can help in this regard: today we propose the one available on eBay with a 41% discount on the list price.

Correct posture on the PC: help on offer on eBay

The frame is made of resistant metal, while the parts on which to rest are padded with a thickness of and covered in imitation leather. Below is an image showing the dimensions.

The footrest causes the center of gravity of the body to be shifted forward, in the space between the pelvis and the knees, so as not to overload the spine.

The product is located in Italy and is delivered to your home in a few days with free shipping included in the price of 69.99 euros. The reliability of the seller is guaranteed by the nearly 30,000 positive feedback received from other customers on eBay.

Source: eBay

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