Downtown West, the new Google campus in San Jose

Downtown West, the new Google campus in San Jose
Almost 320,000 square meters: so much will occupy Downtown West, the new campus that Google plans to build in San Jose, in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. Today the Mountain View group has published some renderings that show a preview of what the complex will look like, inviting citizens and interested parties to provide their opinions on the matter.

So will the new Google campus in San Jose

The declared intention is to create a different space than a traditional campus, almost more like a small town or a neighborhood with common areas, parking lots, restaurants, sections dedicated to traders, others for entertainment, etc. In the following image what is called Gateway with a square and an amphitheater that can be used by both the company and the community for the organization of events.

In the image at the top to the article Creekside Walk, an area intended for relaxation surrounded by greenery, while below a corner of the small urban center named Meander. A total of about 5,900 housing units expected.

The ball now passes into the hands of the San Jose City Council which will rule on the proposal received from bigG: the decision is not expected immediately, however, but in the spring of next year. Then, in case of green light, Google will be able to start the work for the realization.

It is not just the campus set up by the group: there is also the one in Hudson Square in New York City by a billion dollars announced in 2018 and the expansion of the headquarters in Mountain View in September to cover another 160,000 square meters.

Source: Google

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