Di Maio meets Mike Pompeo: at the center is 5G

Di Maio meets Mike Pompeo: at the center is 5G
The meeting between the Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, and the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, allowed the US to hoist its flag over our country in the complex chessboard that refers to the market challenge against China. Di Maio, in fact, has repeatedly recalled the indissoluble alliance between Europe and the United States, as well as between the tricolor and the stars and stripes flag, while asking for an important support on the Libyan front where Italy has direct interests . But there is more.

Italy, the USA, 5G

Di Maio, in particular, has lined up Italy with the USA on the 5G front, even though claiming a sort of decision-making autonomy on the matter. Italy does not take sides, but clearly suggests that it will not clash with allied countries on this matter: it guarantees supervision and attention, explaining that we have our eyes wide open on the issue.

“We are a country of NATO, we support the Atlantic Alliance and we strongly believe in the shared values ​​of Western countries ": based on this, Di Maio comes to the point:

On the issue of 5G, I communicated to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that we are well aware of the concerns of US allies and we are well aware of the responsibility that rests on every NATO country when allied security comes into play. Italy is fully aware of the importance of ensuring the security of 5G networks. It remains our top priority […]. For our part, we have already adopted legislation that enhances government monitoring capabilities on the development of 5G digital networks and infrastructures, a legislation already considered virtuous by the European Union in various reports and insights on the subject. All contracts and agreements in this area are subject to notification and scrutiny by the Golden Power coordination group set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Pompeo underlined the point: "the Chinese Communist Party is trying to exploit its economic presence in Italy to pursue its strategic goals. When they invest, the Chinese are not here to make sincere partnerships for mutual benefit “. The appeal is a clear anathema against Huawei: Pompeo suggests Italy not to collaborate with Chinese technology companies and recommends attention on the security and defense of personal data.

Huawei will not need to respond because he anticipated Pompeo of 24 hours: Huawei is here to stay, Huawei is here to invest, Huawei is here and opens a center for dialogue and transparency to win the trust of Italian users, companies and institutions.

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