Defacing at Trump's official website: crypto scam

Defacing at Trump's official website: crypto scam
When there are only a few days to go until the final outcome of the 2020 US Presidential elections, the official website ( that supports Donald Trump's re-election campaign has been compromised: through a defacing operation the homepage has been replaced by a message attributable to a scam.

Trump campaign site compromised

Overseas, many have noticed and it could not have been otherwise. Trying to access the main page, a false notice from the FBI appeared for an unspecified time stating "This site has been seized", followed by a message that immediately reveals the nature of the attack.

The world has had enough of the fake news spread by President Donald J Trump. It's time to let the world know the truth.

There follows a claim that the Trump administration is somehow linked to the origins of the coronavirus, referring to hard evidence and the criminal involvement in operations aimed at compromising the 2020 elections. Attached are the links to two wallets to which to send cryptocurrencies: one to ask to share the aforementioned documents, the other not to do so. At the end of a period of time (it is not known how long) the sums received will be compared in order to act accordingly.

The attack was confirmed by Tim Murtaugh, Trump's campaign manager, with a post entrusted to social profiles.

Trump's campaign website was defaced tonight and we are working with authorities to investigate the source of the action. There was no exposure of sensitive data as there are none saved in the portal. The site has been restored.

Earlier this evening, the Trump campaign website was defaced and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack. There was no exposure to sensitive data because none of it is actually stored on the site. The website has been restored.

- Tim Murtaugh (@TimMurtaugh) October 28, 2020

We recall that in recent months, on the occasion of the Twitter attack on scala (also linked to a Bitcoin scam), the official account of Democratic rival Joe Biden was targeted. A level playing field in cybersecurity.

Source: The New York Times

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