Chromebook: new in Chrome OS for accessibility

Chromebook: new in Chrome OS for accessibility
On the occasion of Disability Employment Awareness Month (national month of awareness on the issue of employment and disability) which was established in the United States in October, Google makes a recap of the most recent innovations introduced on Chromebooks regarding the topic of accessibility. These are features and measures designed to allow everyone to use devices, software and services.

Accessibility: Google announces news for Chrome OS

The first is the one shown in animation: the Chrome OS operating system allows you to change the color of the cursors by choosing between red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and pink (in addition of course to white) so as to meet those suffering from vision problems. >

Improvements have been introduced to Select-to-Speak, a feature that is defined by the same Mountain View group as a sort of text-to-speech on demand, that is, it allows you to ask the device to read only a portion of the text shown on the screen. Now a sort of shadow is applied to the unselected area of ​​the display, so as to make it easier to understand.

Steps forward are then recorded for ChromeVox, the screen reader supplied with all Chromebooks. Now the voice used for the vocal synthesis varies automatically according to the language of the displayed page. Also made changes and optimizations to the function menus.

Another novelty concerns the Chrome browser and more in detail the export of accessible PDFs with headings, links, tables and alternative texts to images added automatically.

Source: Google

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