Bticino SX8000: super discount for the smart thermostat

Bticino SX8000: super discount for the smart thermostat
Not just any thermostat, because this is a Bticino SX8000. Not just any design, because this is an innovative, highly prestigious line. Not just any device, because this is a highly reliable smart thermostat. Not just any price, because this is the price that Bticino makes available on the occasion of Prime Day.

Smart thermostat: super discount for Bticino

Bticino SX8000 is only available for two days at price of 109.99 euros against the official 152.99 euros. Previously, other offers had sporadically lowered the cost to around 130 euros, but the price had never even fallen below 110 euros, putting together a discount of 28%.

The smart thermostat BticinoSX8000 has built-in Wi-Fi and can therefore be controlled both on site and remotely. A light bar also allows you to have a classic glance on the temperature, rewarding the design of a concept that combines the essential modernity of the lines with the warmth of the Bticino tradition. temperature level for manual operation and activation of the Boost mode, which allows you to force the system to switch on for a limited period (30, 60 or 90 minutes) regardless of the measured and programmed temperatures.

Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, the Bticino SX8000 at € 109.99 is certainly one of the most interesting Prime Day opportunities for those who are thinking of a home automation change for their environments (both at home, either in a second home or in an office). However, replacing a traditional thermostat is extremely simple: it is sufficient to use the same joint, power the device and start to control the home temperature in a "smart" way.

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