BMW: Recall for 26,700 plug-in models that could cause fires

BMW: Recall for 26,700 plug-in models that could cause fires
BMW has announced the recall of approximately 26,700 vehicles with plug-in hybrid technology due to a problem encountered during the production of the cells: a defect that would lead to an increased risk of fire if the battery is charged. The number of vehicles involved worldwide is considerable, but only a part of them are already in the hands of customers, which means that BMW will block model deliveries until the unexpected is resolved.

I Defective car models are plug-in versions of X1, X2, X3, X5, Series 2 Active Tourer, Series 3, Series 5, Series 7, i8 Coupe and Roadster and Mini Countryman which went into production between January 20 and 18 September 2020. In detail, the problem does not concern the entire production line but only the battery cells of one of the BMW suppliers (batteries are CATL and Samsung SDI).

Fire hazard

BMW has received reports of fires involving plug-in vehicles in the cities of Salzburg, Erfurt and Herne. From Munich not yet able to confirm whether what happened depends on the defect in the battery cells. In Germany, the customers involved could be 1,800. The BMW group has focused heavily on the electrification process: within a few years each model will also have an electrified or fully electric version.

The German manufacturer can boast the EV i3, released 7 years ago. anticipated several trends in the electric city car market. At the beginning of 2021 ix3 should arrive, the first car completely that will inaugurate a new generation of EVs destined, in the group's plans, to ensure important milestones from the point of view of sales

Further information will be communicated to motorists by the end of October. BMW suggests, as the problem appears to occur only with a fully charged battery, not to use cables to charge the vehicle. At least until more precise details arrive.

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