Asobo Studio: after Microsoft Flight Simulator another project with Xbox Game Studios

Asobo Studio: after Microsoft Flight Simulator another project with Xbox Game Studios
Asobo Studio, team responsible for the excellent Microsoft Flight Simulator, intends to continue the collaboration with Xbox Game Studios with a new project already in development, one of the two being worked on by the French team of which nothing is yet known.

After the announcement that Microsoft Flight Simulator has already sold more than a million copies, Asobo also reported something about its future, which however remains linked to flight simulation and also to Microsoft, in some way, but not only.

First of all, he wanted to specify that Microsoft Flight Simulator is to all effects a platform, a title destined to go on at least ten years with constant evolutions and additions, many of which we are already seeing in these first months of presence on the market, since the simulation is expanding regularly, in addition to the opening to third party support.

However, the ongoing support for Microsoft Flight Simulator will take place It is mainly through the developers of Xbox Game Studios and XGS Publishing, while Asobo will gradually focus on other games in development. Among other things, it is interesting to note that the flight simulation is based on FTech Engine, or the graphics engine of Turn 10 used for Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon.

Currently, the French team has two projects underway that have yet to be announced: one is in development in collaboration with Focus Home Interactive, with whom the team previously released A Plague Tale: Innocence, while the other is a game in development in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, therefore probably financed by Microsoft is probably Xbox and PC exclusive. We therefore look forward to announcements from Asobo Studio.

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