Microsoft Flight Simulator: negative reviews on Steam, here's why

Microsoft Flight Simulator: negative reviews on Steam, here's why
Here we are, today is the big day for all fans of flight simulators; Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally available for all PC gamers. The title developed by Asobo Studio and Microsoft was talked about a lot throughout the course of work, with the team willingly sharing several updates and video diaries as development proceeded. Apparently, however, not everyone is happy with this launch, especially Steam users.

On the Valve platform, in fact, if you visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator page you cannot fail to notice a detail that is clearly visible to all . The review section of the game is currently flooded with negative reviews. To find out why it will be necessary to open this section and read the various arguments proposed by an increasing number of players who are leaving their opinion on Steam.

The main reason for these complaints derives from the hours put in provision from Steam to make refunds to players unhappy with the experience purchased Due to the large size of the files to be installed, about 150 GB, for many players with a low speed connection, the two hours required to request a refund are practically all taken up by the installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

For this, some users are asking Valve to increase the hours to ask for a refund or to revise the mode so that the two hours of "trial" can only work once you start playing. What do you think of the situation on Steam? Do you agree with gamers complaining about the Valve platform?

If you haven't, you still have time to purchase your physical PC copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can find the Premium Deluxe Edition conveniently on Amazon at this address.

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