Apple Watch, the new update solves the battery problems

Apple Watch, the new update solves the battery problems

WatchOS version 7.0.2 fixes recent battery drain and ECG app bug

Photo: If Apple Watch's battery life has dropped dramatically recently, the solution may already be ready for use: Apple has released a software update for its watch and this time the installation would bring interesting benefits.

Although version 7.0.1 released in late September was not enough to fix common problems of watchOS 7 reported in particular by the owners of the third generation Apple Watch, the latest update introduces two important bugfixes.

In fact, according to what is reported in the changelog of version 7.0.2 made available last 12 October, Apple developers would finally fix the problem that caused the device's battery to drain quickly - also known as battery drain - and a bug that prevented you from using the ECG app - useful for effective using an electrocardiogram - even if you are in countries where the service is available.

To take advantage of the improvements introduced in the latest version of watchOS, all you have to do is update the watch directly from the settings, by going to General> Software update or through the official Watch app for iPhone: in both cases, the accessory battery must be charged to at least 50%. It is also important to leave the device on charge during the procedure, when it is finished it will automatically restart

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