Among Us was "invaded" by a beloved Nintendo mascot

Among Us was invaded by a beloved Nintendo mascot
Among Us is one of the biggest videogame phenomena of recent months. Its story is now known to all: released without particular fanfare in 2018, the game achieved unexpected success in the second half of this year when some American streamers gave it space on Twitch. From there, like wildfire, the verb of Among Us has expanded all over the world, convincing critics and audiences. We've already discussed why everyone loves it, but with each passing day the community seems more and more passionate: to prove it is a new mod that has allowed a Nintendo mascot to invade the game of Innersloth. Which are we talking about?

Specifically of Toad, the fungal character of the Super Mario narrative universe. Toad's choice is nothing short of perfect as there are many colors and Among Us is based on identical characters characterized only by color and accessories such as clothes and hats.

Fungus Among Us Toad Mod from AmongUs

As you can see, the aesthetic elements for the character's head are visible, while the clothes do not appear, clearly because they would not have coincided with Toad's model. The result is interesting, even if the hats do not suit Toad's aesthetic. Beyond this detail, it is a fun idea and once again demonstrates the passion of the international gaming community.

Among Us, we remind you, it is available in free format on mobile and paid on Steam . The developers have already confirmed that the game will be supported in the long term: all the news expected for the sequel (now canceled) will be introduced in the first chapter. Some, moreover, are already available!

Finally, we remind you that Innersloth is banning cheaters, even if it is doing it in its own way!

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