Among Us: here's a trick to become the impostor

Among Us: here's a trick to become the impostor
Among Us is a multiplayer game that can accommodate 4 to 10 total players. 1 to 3 players can be randomly selected in each game as impostors, while the other players will be allies, as well as crew members, each with their own simple task to complete. The impostors, however, will be given a bogus task and will have to deceive and then kill their teammates, who in turn will have to avoid being murdered and duped. Of the two roles, the most coveted is that of the impostor, but is there a way to secure this role before starting a game? Officially not, however there are some things that could be done to increase the chances.

We know that Among Us randomly selects a player's roles, which means there are no special tricks that users can use to foster their chances of being the impostor in every lobby they join. However, if the player himself creates his lobby, there are a few ways to increase the overall chances of becoming an "Impostor" by tweaking a couple of game settings.

In order for the game to actually start, it is necessary that the number of teammates is greater than that of the impostors. Those who create their own lobby on Among Us can set the number of impostors to 3 - the maximum allowed - and reduce the number of crew players to a minimum. Remember that only 10 players maximum can join a lobby and playing with three imposters means that the assassins only need to get four kills to win the game, reducing its duration. However, this method should ensure that you play as the impostor with a 43% success rate.

InnerSloth has declared that it wants to increase the size of the lobbies with a future update for Among Us, in order to allow more people to join, precisely to a maximum number of 12-15 players, so as to make the game more balanced. Nonetheless, until then this is the best way to increase your chances of becoming an Imposter.

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