Amazon: 19,816 employees positive for COVID-19

Amazon: 19,816 employees positive for COVID-19
With an official press release, Amazon clarifies how much the coronavirus emergency has impacted its workforce, putting pen to paper some numbers detected so far: 19,816 positive (or presumably positive) employees from 1 March to 19 September, compared to of a workforce that, also considering those of the Whole Foods chain, reaches 1,372,000 units. According to the group, the volume of those who have contracted COVID-19 is 42% lower than estimated in the forecasts that considered factors such as the spread of the disease globally and in the specific territories where the activity takes place.

Amazon employees positive for COVID-19: the official numbers

When the blackest moment of the health crisis passed in early spring, the e-commerce giant found itself in the simple position of having to continue to operate to guarantee a service that has become essential for many in light of the impossibility of moving, while ensuring the necessary level of safety for the staff employed. There was no lack of moments of tension (the Christian Smalls case is the emblem), with strikes also staged in Italy and the closure of warehouses in France.

From there The company has moved with new hires in order to ensure adequate shifts, starting to produce protective visors, intervening on abuses perpetrated through the store, leveraging AI to favor distancing in its centers and with a maxi-investment of 4 billion dollars to face what number one Jeff Bezos called "the hardest time ever."

According to today's release, Amazon conducts thousands of tests every day with the prospect of arriving by November at a rate of 50,000 every 24 hours involving 650 sites around the world. The publication of the report came a few hours after the NBC News article that pointed the finger at the group accusing it of lack of transparency towards employees on the COVID-19 issue.

Source: Amazon
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