YouTube deleted an absurd tweet in which it attacked content creators

YouTube deleted an absurd tweet in which it attacked content creators
YouTube deleted a tweet mocking content creators for behavior caused by the platform's own monetization policy. It is no mystery that the length of the videos directly affects the amount of money they can raise, so why write sarcastically:



Creators after talking for 15 minutes: okay, now let's jump straight into the video! "

The tweet has not escaped many youtubers, who don't they took it quite well, so much so that YouTube was forced to remove it. As always happens in these cases, however, someone captured an image of the message and the controversy continued. After all, it has been pointed out, youtubers are just playing with the rules imposed by the platform.

In particular Matthew Ball, the former Head of Strategy at Amazon Studios, has written a series of very incisive posts on 'argument, criticizing YouTube's behavior: "It's like giving your kids a bonus based on study hours, not results, and then complaining about studying too much."

According to Ball YouTube could manage monetization following other models, instead it preferred a time-based algorithm and these are the results: creators make longer videos and publish them constantly, otherwise they are ignored. Be that as it may, for Ball, the tweet also demonstrated another fact, quite disturbing: YouTube knows that its incentives lead to the creation of experiences that nobody wants, yet it does nothing to right the situation. After all, the same happens in every field in which algorithms decide, so why be surprised ...


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