Vilynx is Apple's new acquisition for AI

Vilynx is Apple's new acquisition for AI
New acquisition by Apple: this time it was the turn of Vilynx, a startup based in Barcelona and specialized in the field of artificial intelligence. The Bloomberg editorial team reported this at first, followed by official confirmation. An operation, according to what has been leaked, completed in recent months in great silence, with an investment quantified in 50 million dollars.

AI: Apple buys the startup Vilynx

More in detail, the team that passes under the control of the bitten apple uses AI and computer vision algorithms to analyze the content of the videos, from the sound flow to the framed texts, up to the visual elements, labeling them one by one and thus making it easy to find them with a Research. The only statement on the matter from Cupertino is customary.

Apple occasionally buys small tech companies and we don't usually discuss their plans or intentions.

Tim Cook's company could use the system for example for potential virtual assistant Siri or to improve the service related to the storage of multimedia content on the cloud. According to Bloomberg, one of the intentions could be to integrate into the TV app to make it easier for users to find the movies or series episodes to play.

Vilynx will continue to operate from its own offices in Barcelona. Elisenda Bou-Balust, co-founder and CTO, will remain in her position, as will the team of approximately 50 researchers and engineers. The acquisition, in the territory of artificial intelligence, follows in terms of methods and purposes those already achieved in the recent past with Inductiv, Xnor and Turi.

Source: Bloomberg
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