Triller, TikTok's US rival, wants to go public

Triller, TikTok's US rival, wants to go public

TikTok's US rival, Triller, is thinking of his debut on Wall Street even if the actual data of its users are shrouded in a thick fog of mystery

Triller the rival app of TikTok (Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) Triller, the company that manages the social network clone and US rival of TikTok, is said to have begun negotiations to go public on Wall Street. Taking advantage of the moment of weakness that TikTok is passing on US soil, Triller has already begun to attract influential names like Charlie and Dixie D'Amelio (two influencers of TikTok), rapper Snoop Dogg and President Donald Trump himself.

Although Triller was launched in 2015, its growth in popularity is nowhere near that of TikTok. Now, however, the application is benefiting greatly from the bans collected by TikTok around the world. In India, the US platform claimed it hit 40 million downloads in mid-August shortly after the country specifically banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese applications.

Ryan Kavanaugh, former owner of the film studio he Fast and Furious product: Tokio Drift and entrepreneur Bobby Sarnevesht bought the app in 2019. Since then, Triller has been living in the fog for a while without properly communicating the number of its users while raising funds to grow and get noticed by investors. Now the platform is worth $ 1.5 billion, which is 10 times the value estimated in 2019.

Still, as the Wall Street Journal points out, it is not known with certainty what the real data relating to Triller users are. The four analytics companies contacted by the newspaper said they were unable to confirm Triller's figures of 250 million total downloads and 65 million monthly active users.

Nevertheless, some sources close to the top management said Triller would be one step away from going public. This would bring Triller even closer to becoming a viable "very American" replacement for TikTok should President Trump decide that the ByteDance / Oracle deal does not meet his needs and that TikTok still poses a security threat to US citizens.

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