Telescopic ladder: when innovation is in the concept

Telescopic ladder: when innovation is in the concept
Innovation is not always digital: for certain utilities, the intelligence of a design that can solve the problem with simplicity, low cost and space-saving is sufficient. The innovation lies in the concept and the ability to search for the right solution without relying inertly on what we usually have in homes or basements. Discounts will take care of creating the right showcase, as in the case of the WolfWise telescopic ladder: an intelligent object, capable of solving many problems.

Telescopic ladder, zero footprint

Not only does it cost not only is it discounted (from 15 to 30% depending on the size) for a few hours and while stocks last: the staircase takes up very little space while developing an important height, such as to allow the carrying out of the most common housework or simple maintenance in the office. The structure is in aluminum alloy (extremely resistant and light), capable of reaching well over 3 meters in height and structured to be withdrawn in a minimum space.

Each step has a manual lock, thus being able to adjust the height easily during its development. The ladder is able to withstand weights up to 150Kg. When a ladder is a question of small daily utilities, this is clearly the ideal solution. These are the available heights:

3.2 meters: 79.99 euros 55.99 euros (-30%) 3.8 meters: 89.99 euros 76.49 euros (-15%) 4.7 meters: 129.99 euros 93.46 euros (-28%)
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