Samsung 870 QVO: 1 TB SSD for less than 100 euros

Samsung 870 QVO: 1 TB SSD for less than 100 euros
Zero compromises in terms of space and top performance with the 1 TB Samsung SSD of the 870 QVO line now offered on eBay with a 16% discount on the list price. The interface is SATA, the 2.5-inch form factor.

SSD offers: Samsung 870 QVO from 1 TB to -16%

The performance is high-end: speeds up at 560 MB / s when reading data and up to 50 MB / s when writing. In this way the waiting times for starting the computer are reduced to a minimum, as well as those for loading or saving files: it results in a considerable saving of time for those who daily find themselves dealing with software, documents, remote communication, editing, content processing and so on.

The 1 TB SSD of the Samsung 870 QVO line is offered today at a price of 99.90 euros by a seller of eBay, with over 120,000 positive feedback already received from other users of the platform. The product is located in Italy and there is no additional expense to receive it at home in a few days thanks to free shipping.

Source: eBay

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