Publish the 'Jewish trap' meme, denounced

Publish the 'Jewish trap' meme, denounced
Born in 1988, exponent of Forza Nuova for the section of Fondi (LT) and Lazio fan, Cristian d'Adamo has been identified as the author of the meme "Trap for Jews" published in recent days on some social networks: an image depicting an open kitchen oven with some banknotes inside. Any comment would be superfluous.

Jewish trap: sued for meme

Now a complaint hangs over his head. The Postal and Communications Police Service in collaboration with the Central Directorate of the Prevention Police and the D.I.G.O.S. of Latina, at the end of an investigation launched to shed light on the many reports received by the P.S. Online.

The evidence obtained against the suspects, therefore, led to the execution of a personal, local and computer search decree, the outcome of which both confirmed that they were the authors of the posts subject to investigation.

D'Adamo's personal site, in addition to photos in which he proudly performs in the Roman salute and a summary mirror of the free-body callisthenic fascist training, collects links to profiles managed on platforms such as, Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitch and Tumblr as well as a link to a Dropbox folder with the fonts and the Mvsica of the twenty years.

The action of the Postal Police led to the seizure of devices on which investigations will be carried out as well as "two card holders and plaques bearing the words Polizia di Stato". Referred to the Judicial Authority together with another person (whose identity has not been disclosed) accused of "xenophobic, fascist, homophobic, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and anti-Semitic" activities, he will have to answer for the "crime of propaganda and incitement to crime for reasons of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination ".

Source: Postal Police

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