PS5: Sony explains why it's so big

PS5: Sony explains why it's so big
PS5 is certainly one of the consoles with the most particular design, at least in recent generations. It is a game machine with generous dimensions and curved lines that cut cleanly with the style of PS4 and PS4 Pro. In this regard, Sony's Yasuhiro Ootori spoke with Nikkei’s XTech. Ootori explained how long ago the design was decided and why the console is so big.

The most important features were decided two years ago. In the same period, the preparation of liquid metal cooling began. Ootori also stated that "the reason behind using a liquid metal TIM is related to the fact that the SoC has high operating frequencies, but the die is small and the heat density is very high. In particular, the heat density of the SoC during games is much higher than on PS4. "

“This is because the PS5 SoC basically runs at full power during games. As a result, the value of the TDP (Thermal Design Power) and the amount of heat generated during the game are almost identical ”.

Yasuhiro Ootori has also confirmed that PS5 is so big due to the size of the fan. This fan is necessary in order to keep both sides of the console cool equally: installing two smaller fans would have allowed the console itself to be smaller, but with the strong design it would have been difficult to control and would have increased production costs. br>
It therefore seems that the dimensions of PS5 are a direct consequence of the need to have a correct temperature control, especially through the fan, with the specific design defined above.

We remind you that PS5 will be available in Italy starting November 19, 2020. Tell us, have you already made room in your workstation for the Sony console?

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