Prime Day: HP PC 27 AIO discounted by 150 euros on Amazon

Prime Day: HP PC 27 AIO discounted by 150 euros on Amazon
In a period as unpredictable as the one we are experiencing, the computer has now become indispensable. However, especially in the apartment or office, containing the occupied space can be a priority. True, there are laptops, but what if we at least wanted the generously sized screen? This is where all-in-one PCs or AIOs come into play. One of these is the HP PC 27, an AIO desktop very similar to the most well-known Macs, also in design, but obviously much more accessible.

AIO desktop: HP PC 27 discounted by 150 euros for Amazon's Prime Day

The computer in question is equipped with an Intel Core i3 1005G1, a new family of CPUs built on Intel's 10nm node that guarantees higher performance than the previous generation, while containing the consumption. The processor is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. On the connectivity front, on the other hand, we have everything you may need: 5 USB ports, one of which on the side, an HDMI output for connecting a second monitor, an RJ45 port for cable connection and an SD / card reader. microSD. The PC also supports wireless connections thanks to a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

A special feature of the HP PC 27 is the integration of a non-monitor webcam. It will therefore not be necessary to purchase the peripheral separately, which in the period of videoconferencing and videolessons has now become of daily use. Also included in the package we will also find a matching mouse and keyboard. Finally, there are two 2W speakers inserted frontally. In short, it is a complete PC that does not need anything else, just make the various connections and we will have a desktop station immediately available. Thanks to Prime Day, Amazon gives the opportunity to purchase HP's AIO for only 649.99 euros with a discount of 150 euros on the list price.

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