Microsoft Forms: free quizzes and surveys for everyone

Microsoft Forms: free quizzes and surveys for everyone
Today Microsoft announces the free availability of Forms for all users, including for personal use. The tool, for those who are not aware of it, allows you to create quizzes and surveys to be submitted to others: to members of a work team, to customers, to an entire community for a market survey or more simply to friends and familiar.

Forms from Microsoft is now free for all users

Accessible via application or Web interface, it allows you to start from a pre-set template or to create one from scratch. Below is the UI that opens in the desktop browser, with a layout very similar to that of the other tools of the Microsoft 365 and Office package.

Once the procedure has started, nothing else is needed than enter the questions to be submitted by adding multimedia elements such as images or videos if desired.

Once the creation process is completed, the form can be shared via a link or with a unique QR code . Given the large-scale adoption of distance learning that awaits students around the world, it is easy for us to imagine using Microsoft Forms in this area as well. The decision to make the tool available now for free for all could prove to be a good one.

Source: Microsoft

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