iliad, does truth make customers grow? New advertising in selected cities

iliad, does truth make customers grow? New advertising in selected cities
iliad arrived in Italy in the now distant month of May 2018: since then its growth has been unstoppable. Millions of customers have already switched to the French operator: the latter has recently launched a new advertising campaign, to remember the success we have witnessed. The motto is "truth grows".

Or to be more precise: truth makes customers grow. In short, Iliad is underlining how a policy of honesty and transparency is able to reward everyone: the buyers, who finally get what they want at a precise price, and of course the service provider, who does not resort to subterfuge, remodeling or written in small to get your own benefit. Clearly this advertising campaign also carries a not too veiled little dig at our local competition, that is to Vodafone, TIM and WindTre.

Iliad's first advertising poster reads: "you are so many that you do not even enter this posting "; and then remember the availability of iliad Flash 100, a very recent offer on the market that we have already told you about. Here is an image.

The second posting proceeds with "The truth makes it grow. 6 million users have chosen iliad". These posters are currently found in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Naples, Catania and Bari: the main Italian cities, in short, and those that currently host the operator's points of sale (iliad Stores).

And you, instead? Have you already chosen iliad or in the area where you live its network is not yet ideal? Or again (and it is a possibility) are you perfectly at ease with other Italian operators?

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