Hyundai aims for European EV leadership with 3 new Ioniqs

Hyundai aims for European EV leadership with 3 new Ioniqs
The Korean company Hyundai has decided it wants to completely conquer the electric market in Europe, and to do so it is ready to flesh out its Ioniq brand with three new car models. The plan is to go on the offensive with three cars over the next 4 years, each dedicated to a specific segment.

The first car in question is the Ioniq 5, a Concept 45-based crossover: arriving in the middle of 2021, it will be a midsize car, respecting the “classic” dimensions of crossovers. In 2022 it will be the turn of the Ioniq 6, a sedan, while in 2024 the latest model will arrive, the Ioniq 7, an SUV. All three will be built on the e-GMP electric platform, now used by Hyundai globally for its electric cars. Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Europe, said that, in a short space of time, Hyundai has the potential to become Europe's largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

Longer-term goal of Hyundai is to transform the car model into an autonomous brand: for now within the year the company will aim to sell 60,000 zero-emission vehicles, but the increase in market demand and the desire to want to define itself in a segment so new leaves ample room for improvement to any company that decides to invest.

Let's remember how the Hyundai Ioniq was born as a car available only as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric between 2016 and 2017. In January in 2018, the Ioniq model exceeded 106,300 units sold worldwide (divided into 73,800 hybrids, 5,500 plug-ins and 25,000 electric).

With the transition from a simple model to a real brand, Hyundai intends to push the electric brand and make it a recognized symbol for anyone looking for eco-sustainable cars. By proposing a crossover, a sedan and an SUV, the Korean brand combines the already existing Ioniq base with a series of highly sought after segments in the world of electric mobility.

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