HP 22 and 24 inch monitors on offer on eBay

HP 22 and 24 inch monitors on offer on eBay
Today we report two discounted monitors on eBay, of the same line proposed by HP and both with IPS panel and Full HD resolution, but different in the diagonal so that everyone can choose the model that best suits their needs and at their desk. Screens that leave nothing to chance even in terms of design with the thickness of the frames reduced to a minimum on three of the four sides.

HP 22F and 24F: 28% and 31% discounted monitors

The first is HP 22F with 21.5 inch display. A large and ideal surface for managing multiple multitasking applications, placing the windows side by side without having to constantly switch between them. Among the features we note the response time equal to 5 ms, the brightness that reaches 300 nits and the HDMI-VGA ports on the back for connection to computers or other sources. Today it can be purchased at a price of 99.99 euros, 28% less than the price list.

Specifications completely similar for HP24F but winks at those who have the space to being able to reach 23.8 inches. In this case the price is 109.99 euros with a 31% discount.

For both models the seller is the same: its reliability is certified by over 200,000 positive feedbacks obtained on eBay from other customers. The products are located in Italy and are delivered to your home with free shipping in a few days.

Source: eBay
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