Discount on Xiaomi LED desk lamp

Discount on Xiaomi LED desk lamp
Not a LED lamp like any other: Mi Desk Lamp 1S was designed by Xiaomi to combine full control over lighting with a minimalist and elegant design. There are four operating modes to choose from: among these Focus that "simulates a breath" to remind you when it's time to take a break (the others are Reading, PC and Child). Today it can be purchased on eBay at a discount at a price of 34.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros as per the price list.

Mi Desk Lamp 1S on offer on eBay

Compared to the previous generation it offers a 73% higher luminous flux, reaching 520 lm, with the central part reaching 1250 lux. The color rendering index is Ra 90 and integrates a Fresnel lens for a more uniform and natural result. There are also other measures such as the elimination of flicker to reduce eye fatigue through a darkening mechanism equivalent to the adjustment of the pulse modulation (PWM) even at low brightness levels.

Mi Desk Lamp 1S also guarantees support for interaction via voice commands thanks to compatibility with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri to adjust brightness and color temperature. Free shipping is included in the price of 34.99 euros. The product is located in Italy, offered on offer by a seller whose reliability is guaranteed by over 120,000 positive feedbacks obtained on the platform.

Source: eBay

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