COD Modern Warfare: here's how much space you can free up

COD Modern Warfare: here's how much space you can free up
Just today COD Modern Warfare received another big update that brought it to version 1.28. In addition to various technical improvements and technical problems solved, PC users will have a really interesting featured. In fact, it will be possible to free up space on the hard disk and SSD. In fact, one of the main problems of the title is the excruciating demand in terms of space on PC and console. In fact, since its release date we have reached more than 200 gigabytes, which has created general discontent among the community.

It must be said that in the last period the team has worked night and day, also proposing a completely free battle royale mode, which has become one of the highlights of the chapter. Between updates, operator additions and so on and so forth, COD Modern Warfare has inevitably become a very important game in terms of content in a short time. To the delight of PC users, it has been revealed how much space can actually be saved thanks to the 1.28 update.

Through it is possible to remove the campaign, multiplayer and Spec Ops while the Warzone mode cannot be removed. If you were to remove these three, the game would weigh 168GB instead of around 230GB. A nice saving, which will make our hard disk breathe once and for all. As we said previously, the featured is aimed only at PC users, but Infinity Ward should make it available also for console users given the imminent arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What do you think of this news? Are you happy to free up some space? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. Pending confirmation on the possibility of freeing up space also on consoles, we invite you to follow our pages.

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