Board Game Digital Festival: New Steam Event Introduced

Board Game Digital Festival: New Steam Event Introduced
Steam, one of the most used online video game platforms, has announced the Digital Festival of Board Games. This event will host the 360 ​​° board game dimension online with virtual gaming sessions, panels, discussions and other streaming activities that will explore the marriage of physical and digital games.

The first ever digital games festival from Steam table of all time makes its debut from 21 to 26 October 2020 and will celebrate games that cross the line between physical and digital. The Digital Festival of Board Games will host legendary designers, promising developers and allow players to interact with them. The Highlights of the Steam festival will be:

sessions of Plague Inc: Evolved in the company of James Vaughan, game designer of both the physical and digital versions, in which he will play a scenario and talk about the differences in the design of both versions. We will talk about Othercide, tactical RPG with a strong visual impact, in the company of the Art Directors and Lead Game Designers of Lightbulb Crew. Gloomhaven, in a live broadcast in which the developers will talk about the content coming for the next big update of the game on Steam. Virtual panel on games on Mars - Where game creators will be joined by space agency staff and scientists to talk about the realistic (and not at all realistic) elements present in the games on Mars. Virtual Panel on Cthulhu Games - In which some of the best known digital and physical designers on the Cthulhu theme ask about the cultural impact of these titles and more. The full program will include many other meetings and game sessions, but to keep the attention and hype of this first edition of the festival high, Steam will communicate other events and panels as the event approaches.

It will be possible to participate in the Steam Digital Festival of Board Games by interacting during live broadcasts, chatting with developers about conversation topics and their games, or watching them in VOD in case you can't attend the live.

To find out more about the event and stay up to date on news, visit the page of the Digital Festival of Board Games at this link.

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