Bloodborne: 60FPS with unofficial patch, possibly after PS5's D1

Bloodborne: 60FPS with unofficial patch, possibly after PS5's D1
Bloodborne is definitely one of From Software's most successful games. The exclusive PlayStation 4 continues to be on the lips of fans even five years after its original release. In the last few months, a series of rumors and rumors have been the main attraction that seem to be certain of the arrival of the title also on PC and a remastered for PlayStation 5. While no official confirmation is coming, there are glimmers regarding a patch that would lead the game to run at 60 FPS on PS4 Pro as well.

This is an unofficial patch that could be released over the next few months . The creator of this hack, Lance McDonald has in fact confirmed that he is planning to publish this patch once the PlayStation 5 has been launched on the market and when Sony has clarified whether or not Bloodborne will have improvements on the new console. McDonald's intention is therefore to respect Sony's intentions, letting the company first expose its plans for the From Software title.

What has always fascinated Bloodborne players is both the context and the setting in which you are immersed in the game. A work very different from that horror fantasy proposed in the Dark Souls saga. For this reason, there is still a great deal of interest around this IP of the Japanese software house. In fact, there are many who are not only clamoring to bring the game to PC, but there are also those who are asking for a real sequel.

We remind you that at the moment we do not know how Bloodborne will be supported on PlayStation 5. Of course, to enjoy the game at 60 FPS on PS4 Pro you would need to use the unofficial patch developed by Lance McDonald; which is not yet available at the moment. What do you think of this patch? Would you be willing to download and install it to enjoy 60 FPS on PS4 Pro?

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