Best Action Figures of the Souls | October 2020

Best Action Figures of the Souls | October 2020
As with any self-respecting cult we cannot fail to take into consideration a whole series of memorabilia that are created to make the characters we have come to appreciate real, that's why we decided to bring you the Best Action Figures dedicated to the world of the Souls in its entirety. . With the arrival of the remake of Demon's Souls for PS5</a>, the fever for From titles continues to rise. Although in reality the phenomenon literally exploded with the release of Dark Souls, the saga created by Miyazaki immediately managed to generate a large audience thanks to his way of telling the story.

The Best Action Figures dedicated to the Souls

If you have enough space in your room and you like to have objects that bring the characters you love into the real world, obviously you can't miss this opportunity.

Gecco Dark Souls Bonfire Gecco Dark Souls Crystal Lizard Knight Solaire by Astora Artorias Banpresto

Gecco Dark Souls Bonfire

Obviously we could not start from one of the symbols that made the Dark Souls saga famous. The "Bonfire" represents the resting point of the players and in this 1: 6 scale version you can always keep it with you. The peculiarity of this version created by Gecco is that the fire comes to "life" thanks to a series of LEDs inserted inside to make everything really realistic, to illuminate your gaming sessions even in view of the release of the Demon's remake. Souls.

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Gecco Dark Souls Crystal Lizard

Obviously after the Bonfire we could not fail to consider also a pet that has always represented a great cat to peel especially for players who look out for the first time in the series. We're talking about Crystal Lizards who are as sweet as they are quick to escape from our blades. It goes without saying that we have always chosen to bring to your attention a version of Gecco capable of leaving you truly amazed for the quality / price ratio. This little friend is also equipped with LEDs that light up her back.

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Solaire Knight of Astora

You can't miss one of the most beloved characters of the Souls series who are now part of the lore of the first chapter of the series and beyond. Entered the legend thanks to their exploits, or in this case thanks to their way of relating with others. This is the case with our friend Solaire of Astora. The version chosen by us is quite cheap given its small size of about 10 cm, but it represents an excellent memorabilia for those who love this character and want to praise the Sun!

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Artorias Banpresto

After Solaire, one of the great characters of the first chapter of the series cannot be missing from our guide to the best action figures. Artorias of the abyss in this statue of Banpresto is in its brightest form. 17 cm of power, with his sword and in his classic pose.

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